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Name: Rajarao K.
Status: Student
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 2001

Can we able to create a log for deleted files or folders in NT OS? i.e, the time, when the files were deleted from the PC?

Hi Rajarao,

Yes there is a way to log the file access in Windows NT and 2000 as well. What you have to do is enable file and object auditing, for the system and then on the drive that you want to track specify how granular you want the auditing to be. You can specify folders, drives and other objects such as printers. When there is a file deleted or accessed there will be an even written to the security log of the system. This will give you the exact date and time and even who deleted the file.

Thanks for using NEWTON!
Joe Noga
MCSE, CCNA, N+ Certified
Windows NT/ 2000 Server Specialist

The only way that this is logged is if you leave the files in the recycle bin. If you do this, there is a record of when they were deleted and you can also bring them back. If you are concerned with bringing the files back after they have been removed from the recycle bin, you could use a third party application such as Norton Utilities to recover the files. Or, you may want to start backing up your files to cd or tape and that way if you have accidentally deleted them, you can get them from the backup.

I hope this helps!


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