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Name: Lisa
Status: Student
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 1999

Im working on a QBasic assignment for class. And its killing me. Im supposed to be making a user menu for adding employee timecards and editing timecards. MY professor has insisted on making these sequential files. I cant figure out how to pull up these files to edit them. Ive read various pages on arrays but I cant seem to be able to implement it. Can you PLeeeease help?

Since you said you were having problems with arrays, here is an example of how to use an array.

For your problem, you first have to declare an array for you your data, along with the information you are storing for each person. You will want to make the array large enough to hold all the employees you will ever need.

TYPE EmployeeInfo
   EmpName AS STRING * 40
   Address AS STRING * 40
   Phone AS STRING * 20

DIM a(1 TO 5) AS EmployeeInfo

Now that you have an array to store everything in, you have to get the data into the array. This section reads the data from the keyboard. You will want to read from your sequential file.
FOR x = 1 TO 5
    PRINT "Employee "; x; ":"
    PRINT "  Enter Name ";
    INPUT a(x).EmpName$
    PRINT "  Enter Address ";
    INPUT a(x).Address$
    PRINT "  Enter Phone ";
    INPUT a(x).Phone$

Then you get to do something with the data. This just prints it out. You will have to be able to edit, print, etc.
PRINT "Employee List:"

FOR x = 1 TO 5
    PRINT "Employee "; x; ":"
    PRINT a(x).EmpName$
    PRINT a(x).Address$
    PRINT a(x).Phone$

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