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Name: Unknown
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Date: Around 1999

Hello Everyone,
My district just installed a new Proxy Server, we are running windows NT. I have a laptop with windows 98 on it. Before, I could go from the Network here at school, and go home and use 'dial up networking' with no problems.

HOWEVER, now my network administrator tells me that IF I configure my laptop to access the proxy server, etc. I can no longer use the 'dial-up networking' at home. HELP!!! Is there not a work around for this problem???

What browser are you using? I know that in IE5 you can have PROXY setting and DUN settings the same time. IE will look for a PROXY connection first, but if it does not find one, it will go to the modem and use the configuration for the dial up and dial your ISP, for your IP, DNS and other services that might be involved. There might be the same settings in IE4 and Netscape, but not in the same fashion.

Joe Noga MCP, N+
Argonne National Laboratory

Well, this isn't too much of a problem. It doesn't matter which web browser you are using (Microsoft IE or Netscape) this solution will work for either.

When you are at school just make sure that your browser is using the proxy configuration. Under IE. You need to click Tools then Internet Options. Then click the Connection tab. Depending on your version, you many need to click the LAN Settings button. Either way look for the proxy server frame. When you are at school, just make sure the "use a proxy server" option is checked. When you are at home, simply uncheck it. If you are using Netscape, just click edit, then preferences. Then look in the options tree on the left side of the window and click the PLUS next to the advanced options. You will then see a selection for proxies, click it. On the right side of the window, change to direct network connection when you are at home on your dialup and use proxy when you are at school.

For now, that is about the best thing you can do. In the future, Windows 2000 offers an automatic detect feature that checks to see if you are on a dialup and it will automatically configure your internet settings.

Ken Weisner

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