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Name: Tyrel
Status: Student
Age: 17
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 1999

I was just curious, about what all jobs i could get, for majoring in computer science in college?

Replies: Just click a city and it will give you a list of many CIS/IT career options.


Computer Science is a very broad area in terms of the fields you can get a job in, but they all deal with how to program a computer. By majoring in computer science, you will end up being some kind of computer programmer, software engineer, or systems analyst, and write computer programs for a living.

The types of programs you could end up writing range from database applications to game programs, to scientific simulations, and more. Anything a computer is used for was is done using a program, or in most cases several different programs, written by computer programmers. (Not all of these programmers have a computer science degree.)

Since computers are used for just about anything, if you wish to get a computer science degree, you should also identify the kinds of applications you would like to write, and do additional work to qualify you in that area. This will increase your chances of obtaining the type of job you would like. Ideally, you should write an application similar to the type you would like to work on. By presenting that at an interview for a real job, you will stand out from the rest of the applicants who also have a computer science degree.

Eric Tolman
Computer Scientist

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