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Name: Joan
Status: Other
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: Around 1999

Does anyone have recommendation for Internet filters? We are a small parochial school just beginning to bring the web access to our classrooms through our network (- so many vendors - so little time). Please let me know if you've found one that you like (or not). Thanks for the help.


Look at Bess. It is VERY restrictive, but by far the best available at this time. If Avenew is your ISP, you can use this service through them. Also contact your ISP for more information about server side restrictions for added security.


There are a lot of filters out there. If you plan on the network being small, I would buy one of the many client packages such as NetNanny or SurfWatch, etc. These are all about the same. The software is loaded on the computer, and you can select various levels of protection. On a weekly basis or sometimes even on a daily basis, you can downlaod updates to the file full of sites to block. A site can independently be added or subtracted depending on your needs. If you feel that your network is going to grow to 100 workstations or larger, I would probably purchase a product called WebSense. It runs on the firewall(or in a box connected to the firewall, I can't remember) and is updated daily. This is a great package.

We use it at the company where I work, and it has really snuffed out the problem. When the user tries to get to a blocked site, a web page that you specifiy pops up. You can just create a simple page that pops up and says: You have violated Policy No:125 in the school handbook. Please turn to p.10 to review this policy. Any further breaches of this policy will result in punishment.

Websense also keeps track of who goes where, and this can be reviewed at any time, and reports can be generated. Great tool!

I hope this helps!

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