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Name:  todd rosss
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Date: 1999 

Is there a table of diatomic molecules?

I always remembered the diatomics this way:

Hi Bronclif!

Hope that helps.


I like that mnemonic Joe! Thanks for sharing that. That helps remember all the HOMONUCLEAR diatomic molecules (both atoms the same); at least, all the common ones. However, there are also many HETERONUCLEAR diatomic molecules;

HCl, NO, CO, HF, CN...

I've never seen a complete list of diatomic molecules, but one that comes pretty close to listing all the relatively stable ones is Huber and Herzberg's "Spectra of Diatomic Molecules."

best, prof topper

From the best of my knowledge there is not a formal table. At the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics are listed and periodically updated all known inorganic compounds together with its physical constants. So you can find there included the diatomic molecules... But, better still... since there are rules for the formation of such molecules, maybe you can yourself try to settle your own Table... And if you want to do so, you can e-mail me privately and I will help you. (You can find the Handbook at a good library or at your school lab.)

Mabel (Mabel M Rodrigues)

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