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Name: Janet
Status: educator
Age: 9-12
Location: OH
Country: N/A
Date: 8/2/2005

Do you have a demonstration for gas laws?

This is a massive request!! There are so many demonstrations of the gas laws on the Internet it is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing what aspect of the gas law(s) you wish to demonstrate without knowing what equipment you have, how long should the demonstration last and so on. Two of my favorite sources (because of their breadth) are: ?term1=demonstrations&limit=0&subject=All

but there are hundreds more. There are even "virtual experiments" run on computer screens with no equipment required, although I think that takes an important aspect out of experimental measurement. I have two recommendations regarding your choice:

1. Do not use any mercury thermometers. All mercury thermometers in all labs -- chemistry, physics, etc. -- all labs should be collected and disposed of properly. Mercury -- used for so many years in labs -- is extremely toxic and difficult to cleanup if a thermometer should break.

2. Do not use flammable liquids as a few demonstrations call for.

Vince Calder

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