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Name: David K.
Status: N/A
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000


I am the Audio-Visual Technician for Lakewood City Schools, Lakewood, Ohio. I usually don't work with super glue (cyanoacrylate ester), but on this one occasion yesterday, I was mending the plastic case of a cassette recorder and thought I would try using it. I accidentally spilled a small amount onto my workbench, (worn Masonite), the size of a quarter. Not wanting to waste it, I hastily grabbed a cotton swab (wood shaft) and dipped it into the super glue. Within a few seconds, the swab started to, "smoke". I brought it close, about 8 inches, to my face to examine what was happening when I suddenly felt strange. I think I may have inadvertently inhaled some fumes. I then, quickly, took the cotton swab to a sink and doused it with water. However, I felt strange all afternoon until I took a nap after work and upon waking, felt as if I had a hangover. In fact I didn't feel, "normal", until this morning, after a full night's sleep.

Chemistry has never been a strong subject with me. Can you tell me what happened and why? All I know is that what happened was obviously dangerous and had I known better, preventable.


I think that you should have seen a doctor. I'm not sure exactly what the reaction was, but better safe than sorry, especially since you didn't feel well for some time afterwards.

if I were you I'd call the poison control center's hotline (look in your phone book), tell them what happened, and get their advice. I'd also still consider consulting your doctor.

prof. topper

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