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Name: Alfred
Grade: N/A
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Good morning,I am a full time volunteer working in a grounds maintenance department at the Watchtower facilities in Patterson, New York. A lot of times we learn by experience and so even though not a horticulturist I have learned a lot over the years. This morning I searched the internet, mainly we were wondering if our dwarf crabapple has a tap root. It is close to 20 years old and we are planning to take it out even though it has leafed out. In this case we don't have a lot of choice. Any tips? Thanks for your consideration of this.

There are several questions & answers about crabapple trees here:

Anthony R. Brach, Ph.D.
Missouri Botanical Garden
c/o Harvard University Herbaria

Dear Alfred,

Your dwarf crabapple tree does not have a taproot or main root that would be severed during transplant. Typically the roots will splay out from the main trunk below ground. A local nursery should have the expertise to recommend how wide and deep of a root ball you will want and what you can do to minimize transplant shock regarding a watering regime, destination site preparation and trimming the aerial part of the tree.


Jim Tokuhisa, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Horticulture Department
Virginia Tech

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