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How fast does bamboo grow in a day?

Bamboo, like some other plant species, grows very rapidly. It is difficult to quantify that growth rate because it depends so much on the availability of nutrients, water, and the temperature of the surroundings. Answering "how fast" is so difficult to respond to because it depends so much on variables over which there is no control. There are other plants, for example Kudzu, that grow with astounding speed. These might also provide a source for the conversion of CO2 into starch, and from starch to "bio-fuels".

Vince Calder

It depends upon the species and growing conditions, but the following might be helpful:

Some species of Phyllostachys can grow about one foot per day or more.

Anthony R. Brach, PhD
Missouri Botanical Garden
c/o Harvard University Herbariam

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