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Name: Augustine F. D.
Status: other
Age: old
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 8/26/2004

Today August 18, 2004 I took a pod from a tulip tree and tried to find seeds inside. I couldn't see anything that resembled a seed. What do I look for, and is it too early for the seeds to form, or do I plant the whole pod


The seeds may have already been dispersed. The tree produces winged seeds which sit together near the ends of branches, once the seeds are gone an upright peg remains.

If the seeds have been dispersed, you might have luck finding some of them under the tree; the seeds are usually quite numerous.

To save yourself time, since the seeds germinate well, you also might find already- growing seedlings or saplings under or near the tree's location.

If you either check a library dendrology book , or check on the internet for "Liriodendrom tulipifera" you should find a site which shows the appearance of the seeds, so you know what to be seeking.

Good luck!


Possibly helpful:

"Each of the many carpels matures into a samara (dry, indehiscent, winged fruit)." liriodendron/tulipifera.htm

Anthony Brach Ph.D.

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