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Name: Joann
Status: educator
Age: 20's
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 4/8/2003

I read an article on how the Cavendish Banana is under severe threat by the Panama disease, Black sigatoka and pests. My question is what is Panama disease and black sigatoka and how does it directly effect the production of this particular type of banana? Also, what type of "pests" threaten the reproduction of bananas?

I did a quick search on banana diseases and pests and found the following sites to be the most comprehensive:

From what I was able to gather there is concern about the lack of biodiversity in commercial banana plants world wide. Some feel that this is a setup for a disaster. I could not find any references that said the disaster had started -- rather concern that if wiser breeding of bananas is not begun immediately this important food crop could be wiped out.

Vince Calder

Perhaps helpful:

and you could search for "banana diseases pests production"

Anthony Brach Ph.D

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