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Name: Ron
Status: other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 1999-2001 

Hi. I have found a fruit from a tree that was growing in northern california, it is green/yellow in color similar to an orange on the outside but with way more texture looks kind of like a brain. It has many seeds in pods inside, has a sticky milky juice inside. I have heard it is called a spider ball but cannot find anything on the internet to help me find out more info about this fruit. Can you tell me what this is?

Perhaps Maclura (osage orange)

Anthony R. Brach Ph.D.

It sounds like it might be an osage orange, native to the Osage region of Oklahoma/Texas, widely planted in the midwestern prairie region by early farmers and still frequently found. I wouldn't be surprised if some were planted in California.

J. Elliott

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