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Name: Denise
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A


I am the darkest person I know. I have too much melanin. I've used skin lighteners and products containing hydroquinone all of my life. I've never had the desired effects. I get slightly browner and go back to being extremely dark soon after I stop using the products. Through my own research I've discovered that Hydroquinone has negative long term effects. A year ago I began using Movate which is a product containing clobetasol propionate. I've never had better results, my complexion was exactly what I had dreamed of all of my life. Unfortunately, I was using this product all over my body and suffered severe side effects such as acne break outs, and my endocrine system suffered. I had other symptoms which included moonface, depression and eczema none of which I had before. I also had severe headaches and I felt like I was dying. I refused to stop using the prouduct because I loved the way I looked. Eventually I gave it up when I felt like I was dying. My dermatologist later confirmed that it could have killed me. My plea is this, let me know if there is a product out there available even surgery that would lighten my complexion.


One of the key points in biology is selection, survival of the fittest, which is survival of the best fit. You are the best fit in your niche the way you are. Your biology made you dark. So what? I am sure it is beautiful, if only you had the flexibility of mind to see the beauty of it. I am white, the whitest you can imagine, and I get sunburnt every minute I am outside. That is hell, I can tell you. But the point is, you will find the niche where you belong, and some day you'll find a person who falls in love with the 'darkest person you know'. Don't destroy yourself for a fake idea of what you think is the ideal looks. There is only one ideal look and that is the natural one. I mean it!

Trudy Wassenaar

Dear Denise...i'm no medical doctor and i would'nt dare to talk about medicine things. But i'm a mother and a grand mother and have grandchildren about your age. So i would like to talk a little bit with you. See honey, you exposed yourself to dangers using remedies without medical assistance. Dont do that anymore, you felt on your own body the nasty results. You say that you are the darkiest person ever. To have too much melanin is not a sickness, it is genetic coming from your race. See, if you find yourself discriminated fight for your rights, you have the right and the duty to do so. proud of your race, if you are fully dark that means you must come from a pure race, and that is wonderful and great! This world was made for all the human beeings, and for all the living beeings. Enjoy your complexion and your body, dear, it is a treasure. Study, work, help and love your fellow earthmen.


Mabel ( A 70 old grandma)

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