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Name: brian
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I have two fenches one is a spice the other is a social. I have them in a pretty big cage were they can fly around. I thought the pet store gave me two girls. But in thier nest is two eggs. Can a girl lay eggs without a male? And if there is a chance one is a male how long should I wait for the babies? If there is no babies how long should I wait to threw out the egg so they don't smell. And if i move them to diiiferent cages will they die because they are alone?

Females of many species are known to lay eggs without copulation. However, you may have a pair [I'm not familiar with this species]. See if the female is sitting on the eggs. If so, it probably means that the eggs are fertile or at least could be. When the nesting behavior stops, that is a good indication that the eggs are not viable. Remove them at that time.

Steve Sample

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