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Name: Tracey
Location: N/A
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I received an e-mail warning me about flesh-eating bacteria being found on Costa Rican bananas. Is there any truth to this rumor?

There is probably flesh eating bacteria on lots of things we touch. It is hard for this bacteria to take hold or it would be much more prevalent than it is. It needs special circumstances to infect, such as a small break in the skin to gain entry. I wouldn't NECESSARILY worry, but of course you should take precautions as always by washing fruit before eating it, washing your hands often, etc.

Van Hoeck

IN bananas is very unlikely. ON bananas, after taken a bite, is more likely because the socalled flesh-eating bacteria are Streptococci A and these are normal mouth/troat flora for many people. The danger is when these bacteria can enter wounds. Read more about this disease at or have a look at the Virtual Museum of Bacteria,

Trudy Wassenaar

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