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How do you get rid of snakes in a house? Do mothballs work?

The snake is the most misunderstood and most abused of all animals. If you cannot overcome your abhorrence or fear of them, leave them alone. Do not kill them. They are valuable destroyers of mice, rats, gophers and many insects.

Perhaps the following links could be of some assistance in keeping people from indiscriminately killing snakes? Snake-A-Way is the same product used by the pest control industry and currently the only registered snake repellent.

Snake-A-Way links:

Other control methods:


There are occasional reports of a Massasauga--a small species of rattlesnake--drifting down across the Lake County line. There are a few in the Indiana Dunes. Otherwise all the 18 species of snakes in the Chicago area are utterly harmless.

Jim Springer

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