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Name: Selegha
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What do adenoids do and what happens to a person after they are removed?

Adenoids are actually a type of tonsil; in fact, they are technically the pharyngeal tonsils. Tonsils are a type of lymph node-their job is to act as filters at points where it is likely that foreign material will enter the body. You have lymph nodes up and down your neck, they form a ring around your throat (the tonsils), they are clustered at the places where your limbs attach to your trunk, ie. the groin and the armpits. The tonsils can get enlarged and swollen when they are infected with bacteria. Some people get chronic infections of the tonsils. They sound nasal and have a hard time breathing because of the constant swelling. The old view was to remove them to make the child more comfortable and able to breathe. It was a very common surgery in children-most kids had their tonsils and/or adenoids removed. BUt now, we realize that they are there for a reason and are only removed if all other avenues have been explored and its a last resort.

K. Van Hoeck

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