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Name: Tobin
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Are all activities of an animal justified by a need for survival or are there activities that dosen't fall under this category.

An interesting question, which I don't think has been resolved. There are activities of many species that can loosely be described as "play," but most of those, and maybe all, can be shown to have at least an indirect survival value. There are many things about animal behavior we do not yet understand.

J. Elliott

This is a tough one.

I would say that survival, including reproduction, includes just about everything. Note that survival of a species could include such 'virtual' things as "comfort" or "security" or "happiness" or "contentment" so that while an action might not directly appear to contribute to an animal's survival or reproduction ability, it does contribute to a quality of life consideration.

Thanks for using NEWTON!

Richard R. Rupnik

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