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Name: Gary
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

We have an infestation of mice in our house and we would like to trap them or drive them out without killing them if possible. We have two cats in the house so we can't use an open poison. We have been trapping them with Havahart traps but suspect, in spite of our search for entry points, that they may be gettin back in. Any suggestion?

Mice get cold just like you and me. They are going to try and get in any way they can. As cute as they are, they breed like crazy. You can't allow them to get a foothold in your house. A mousetrap and some peanut butter got rid of my mice. Its not pretty but its you or them!

Van Hoeck

I guess your cats aren't very good mousers. Mice are good at getting back into a house if they are released nearby. We use live traps, and release the mice far (several miles) from our house. I try to pick an area with plenty of hawks and owls. I am sometimes tempted to release the mice in new developments of "luxury townhomes," but so far I have not succumbed.

Richard Barrans Jr., Ph.D.

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