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Name: Ellen
Location: N/A
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i was in my Biology class and a very respectable someone mentioned something about the discovery of a hydrogen based bacteria. my teacher wasnt aware of this study, and assigned me to find out about it. so i thought i would Email you and see if you people knew anything about it. Awaiting your repsonse

I'm not quite sure what you mean by hydrogen based bacteria but I will take a stab that you mean bacteria that use hydrogen for energy. Some bacteria are chemolithotrophs which mean that they are autrophs but don't use the sun as their energy source; they get their energy from chemical sources. There are bacteria that use hydrogen as their energy source. They are diverse as a group and are all facultative. The overall chemical reaction looks like this:

4H20 + 2O2-----> 4H20
2H2 + CO2-----> (CH20) + H2O
6H2 + 2O2 + CO2 ----> (CH2O) + 5 H2O
So the oxidation of four H2 to water yields enough energy to allow the synthesis fo cell material(carbohydrate) from CO2 + H2

If this is not what you meant, let me know.

Van Hoeck

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