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I am a water plant superintendent in Okla.We recently had to drain a dam for the removal of silt.We discovered a 34 lb. alligater snapping turtle I would like to know more about the species.Also if they are indangered?

Alligator snappers are I believe still fairly common in the Mississippi and other large rivers in the M. basin, can get much larger than the one you discovered. A good book on reptiles of the region should tell you what you want to know.

J. Elliott

ou can find a lot of (Scientific) information about alligator snapping turtles at
This mostly tells about how the population is declining, as a result of overfishing and habitat destruction. Apparently they aren't endangered yet, but they are moving in that direction.

More information about how to keep them, and pictures, can be found at

You can probably find a few more sites yourself, but these were the best I found. Richard E. Barrans Jr., Ph.D.

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