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Are black bass and largemouth bass the same thing? What is the scientific name for each?

The black bass and largemouth bass are the same fish. In the United States, it is commonly known as largemouth bass, black bass, green bass, Oswego bass, slough bass, lake bass, bigmouth, bucket mouth, southern largemouth, northern largemouth, Florida bass, largmouth black bass, straw bass, bayou bass, moss bass, grass bass, march bass, trout, green trout, welchman, and chub.

The scientific name is Micropterus Salmoides (Lacepede). The taxonomy is as follows:
phylum: Vertebrata
subphylum: Craniata
superclass: Gnathostomata
series: Pisces
class: Teleostomi
subclass: Actinopterygii
order: Perciformes
suborder: Percoidei
family: Centratchidae

There are two subspecies, first described in about 1949. Micropterus Salmoides floridanus (LeSueur)was originally found in fresh waters of peninsular Florida. It is now found in some parts of Georgia. This subspecies has 14 abdominal vertebrae.

Micropterus Salmoides salmoides (Lacepede) was originally found in fresh waters of the lower Great Lakes drainage, middle Mississippi River system south to the Gulf Coast, Florida, and north to the coastal watersheds in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. This subspecies has 15 abdominal vertebrae.

Hybrids have been attempted of these two sub species. The f1 generation is very robust and larger, but these diminish sharply in the f2 generation and beyond.

What follows are the common names for this fish in different countries:
Australia: Black bass, freshwater perch, gippoland perch.
Austria: Forellembarsch, perche truitee
Canada: Largemouth bass, achigan a grande bouche, and many of the terms used in the US.
Czech Republic and Slovakia: okounek pstrukovy, ostracka
France: Black bass a grande boushe, perche truite.
Germany: Forellembarsch, grossmauliger forellenbarsch.
Hungary: Fekete suger, pisztrangsuger
Italy: persico trota, boccalone
Mexico: Tucha de patzcuaro, robalo fino, corvina negra, black bass, huro y otros
Netherlands: Florellenbaars
Poland: weilkogebowy, bas weilkohebowy
Portugal: Black bass, perca americana, perca trucha, boca grande, robal negro, achiga

You may wish to check _Synopsis of Biological Data on the Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede) 1802_, prepared by Roy C. Heidinger of the Fisheries Research Laboratory and Department of Zoology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois. It is printed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, back in November 1976. ISBN 92-5-100211-8

Nathan A. Unterman

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