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Name: sally
Location: N/A
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i live in Willits, Ca. where there is what we call "Ridgewood Ranch" Many years ago the owner became friends with Mr. Hearst who gave him a gift of some white deer. we had thought they had originated in Asia somewhere but some say Europe. They have webbed antlers similiar to some elk and they have a larger snout than a brown deer. There fawns are incredibly beautiful as they are born brown with white spots. They seem to stay in large groups and are quite timid. My question is, "Do you know if these deer shed their antlers like the others?" We know they are not albino deer. Their eyes seem to be brown and their hair is a little longer than the brown deer. Thank you.

These sound like "Fallow deer." These can be either of two species of Eurasian deer. We have a herd of them here at Argonne National Laboratory. Yes, the males shed their antlers just like other deer.

Richard E. Barrans Jr., Ph.D.

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