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Name: Mary-Ellen
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

I happened on an American Goldfinch in my yard last week who could not fly. I captured it and now have it living in a large box. I have been feeding it commericial wild finch seed, niger seed and some sunflower seed. I have also provided a small cup of fine sand and a dish of water.

Am I missing anything in it's diet? I had hoped to find someone to take it and care for it until it could fly again but have been unsuccessful so I may end up caring for it.

It's wing is not visibly injured, however it can only flutter. I have been caring for it for 6 days now and it appears OK. Have also provided it with a small perch (branch) which it seems to use most of the time.

Any other suggestions?

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John Elliott

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