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Name: brettb
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I am interested in learning about a career in genetic engineering. Can you help me with advise on what subjects I should study to prepare for this career? What should my college major be? Where are the best schools in this field? I am in the 8th grade but want to start preparing now.
Thank You (:

It's a great career, either as a basic researcher or working on the more applied aspects, such as disease cures or agricultural production. In eighth grade, it's an early start. I would learn basic general biology. In college, most will have a major in biology with an emphasis on molecular and cellular biology. They will also have biochemistry or molecular biology majors themselves. You will most likely start in college with intense basic biology and then move into a concentrated set of courses in molecular biology. Almost all major public and private universities will be good in this area, but you want one with a large enough research program so that eventually you can work in a lab and get hands on research experience. This is where it really gets exciting!

Prof Bill

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