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Name: Teresa Rumppe
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What are the effects of lead on an adult human being? Our school has a considerable amount of lead in the drinking water, and our district is telling us that the effects are insignificant to people over the age of 7.

I'm not absolutely certain of the specific health effects of lead exposure in adults, but do not believe that they are necessarily insignificant, as you've been told. It would seem to me that it would depend on the degree of exposure (i.e., how much lead exposure over what time period). Certainly in children the effects are clear, unequivocal, debilitating, and long lasting, so why take chances. Lead can cause severe neurological impairment in children, including loss of cognitive function. So it would seem that you should get more information on your exposure levels and rates. Perhaps some Public Health Agency or OSHA could help with specifics. If you run into blank walls, let me know I'll try to get more directly applicable information.

Ethan Allen

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