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Name: Joyce Most
Location: N/A
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What can you tell me about Fragile X?

There have been some excellent articles on Fragile X, although I cannot remember where they are. However, fragile x is a chromosomal abnormality in which the X chromosome has one part missing. Fragile X has a host of physical "symptoms" for lack of a better word. These include an elongated face and large ears. There are some more serious physical consequences, but I cannot remember them as they have only recently been attributed to Fragile X. However, people who have fragile X can be only mildly affected or extremely affected. In addition, those with fragile x exhibit an inability to cope with their environment, and are often in need in psychiatric care due to depression. In some cases, a less than normal intelligence has been attributed to fragile x. It is inherited, and may become worse in successive generations. Look in your library in the periodical index, and you should find some excellent references in the secondary literature (i.e. Discover, Scientific American). I hope that you will look further, as there are other important points about Fragile X that are too complicated to go into here.


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