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Name:Karla Schroeder
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I was watching a documentary on DNA for my science class, and in this video the Human Genome Project was mentioned. I would appreciate it if any information on this could be sent to me.

Thank you.

The Human Genome Project is the biggest biology project ever undertaken. Begun by the Department of Energy as they were looking at the effects of radiation on human genes, the project is now a joint venture with the National Institutes of Health and countless other labs around the world (the International effort is called HuGo, for Human Genome Organization) to try to map and sequence all of the genes in the human genome. The genome is all of the DNA in an organism. This is a huge undertaking, since there are thought to be at least 100,000 human genes on the 46 chromosomes in each of our cells. There are also tremendous benefits to be gained by doing this - many diseases may become manageable and many people may benefit. There are also many questions to be answered, including who should have access to the information about any one person's genes and what should be done with that information. It's a fascinating area for discussion. I hope that you'll have the chance to investigate it further - there are lots of resources. Check your library for more!

Ellen Mayo

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