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Name: Colleen
Age: N/A
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How can you live under the sea and stay alive as a permanent home?


Just some brief comments about your question. Obviously, in order to provide an existence similar to that we 'land-lubbers' experience, you would have to create a menu of items essential to such a life. Naturally a reliable food and water resource is necessary. Needed too is a means of removing waste products ( and 'used' air) and the provision of clean air. Any person living apart from regular society would naturally need some sort of thing to keep them busy. This could include everything from TV (so you would need electricity) books, games etc. Needed to would be safety features to insure lives could be saved in the event of an accident. This list could go on and on and on depending upon how much you would want your sub-marine life to mimic life on land. One consideration for anyone pondering such a life is how the higher pressure one's body would experience under water (this would vary with depth) would affect one's health and longevity. For instance, the higher pressure might add stresses to one's heart and kidneys and result in lower life expectancy. There could be other health consequences as well, for example possible depression from loneliness and being apart from family and friends.

I hope this offers some ideas regarding your question.
Thanks for using NEWTON!

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