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Is there any real proof that the little "whistles" you can install on the front of your car will keep the deer away while you drive down the road? I read recently that the National Forest Service has them on their vehicles--- but do they really work? Why? The advertisement says it will not bother pets, but will be highly effective on deer? How?
Thanks for any info!

I don't know if they really work but our police department swears by them. We have lots of deer in my neighborhood and I DON'T know anyone who has hit a deer while whistles were in place but I don't know many people who hit deer period. Statistically this anecdotal evidence suggest suggests that there is no difference. Put in another way, if most cars were equipped with whistles and deer were not repelled by them, most a accidents would involve "whistled" cars and whistle-free cars would seem more accident free. I do not know if studies have been performed. Maybe you can call the company and they can cite a study or maybe your local sheriff can help.

Michael B Lomonaco

Great Question!!
As it turns out, this HAS been studied, and those little whistles do NOT affect deer at all. The sound produced by these whistles is a high frequency sound, quite out of the hearing range of the deer! Deer have a relatively low frequency range of hearing similar to cows.

Tom F Ihde

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