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I've heard so much lately about the overuse of antibiotics and the subsequent evolution of "hardier" bacteria. This situation is compounded by a lack of pharmaceutical research for new antibiotics. My question is this - are the strains of the skin eating bacteria difficult to fight as a result of this situation? Or, would they simply be life threatening without the overuse of existing antibiotics?
And another question - What does the future for antibiotics look like?
Thanks a lot.

Tough questions you ask. The "skin-eating bacteria" are a problem even without the antibiotic issue added. I don't know of any problem of antibiotic resistance in these bacteria; they work so quickly, that the real problem arise because folks don't know they have a n infection until too late.
The drug companies konw about this problem, and are trying to find better ways to use antibiotics (and new ones to use if the current ones lose their effect). It's hard work, and very expensive to find a new drug and bring it to market.

Steve J Triezenberg

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