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Hello. I am assisting someone with a science project and we had a few questions. The experiment was to find the different levels of protein in cooked vs. raw food. The experiment took raw meat and vegetables and added H2O2 to them and watched the reaction. We were wondering
      1. What is the by-product of the reactions? (we think water and oxygen)
      2. What is it that is causing the reaction?
      3. What is actually proved?
      4. How could we measure the reaction?
We would appreciate any help you could give!

You are correct that water and oxygen are produced. This is accomplished by the action of at least two distinct molecules called enzymes. One of the enzymes is catalase and it is able to join two peroxide molecules together and then split them apart as water and oxygen. The other major enzyme is peroxidase and is able to add hydrogen from another molecule to the peroxide to form two molecules of water. These enzymes are destroyed by cooking. One way to measure the reaction would be to capture the oxygen and measure the rate of its accumulation as an estimate of the rate of peroxide degradation but, this would not account for action of peroxidase. Keep on using Newton!

Michael B Lomonaco

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