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Name: RON
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We live on the chesapeake bay, For the past 3 weeks we have a beautiful white swan at or pier every nite. The largest bird I have ever been that close to. He waits for me to come out and feed him after dinner.We have raised a couple of baby ducks and releised them. My wife and I are fighting over a name. (male or female) I say he is a male because of his personalty. that really pis--- her off.can you tell me for real how we can tell. P.S. please excuse my spelling and launage. I am not a computer person ,just happen to have one and am trying to learn how to use it. I can,t type either.

There is no easy way visually to tell male from female swans, behavior within the pair would be about the only clue you could get by observing the birds in the wild.

J. Elliott

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