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Name: Bonnie
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A

Yesterday, in our 16'x20' backyard pond, I saw a large bullfrog lying on its back at the bottom of the pond. Upon retrieving it, I saw there was another frog in its mouth with only a partial leg and foot protruding from the bullfrogs mouth. The bullfrog was a good 10-12" long outstretched and judging from its foot the other frog was a good size also. Obviously, it had choked trying to eat it. Do you know if this is a common occurrence. Also, I was told to preserve it in rubbing alcohol in a tightly sealed jar. Is this correct or should I do something else. Eventually, I am going to donate it to our schools science department.

It is common for animals that swallow their food whole to try to eat something too big, but usually, to my knowledge, they would spit it back out again before choking. I believe preserving in alcohol will work, but check with a museum for more information.

J. Elliott

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