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Name: Barbara
Status: other
Grade: other
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Spring 2013

I just learned that the angle in which we see the crescent moon depends on the latitude of our position and also on the time of the year. Which time of the year is the crescent moon seen more tilted (like a boat or a smile) in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere?

Dear Barbara,

Good question; thanks for asking.

The crescent Moon would look the same, as you likely know, anywhere in the world that has the same latitude as you. So London, England, and a city like Quebec City or Edmonton would have about the same appearance for the crescent Moon. But with a change in latitude, the orientation changes as the Moon appears to shift counterclockwise very slightly. Montreal would be ever so slightly different, with The crescent Moon ap[pearing just a bit flatter. Tucson, Arizona, or Jerusalem, Israel, would show the Moon still angled but oriented considerably counterclockwise from what you'd see from most of England. From the southern hemisphere the crescent Moon actually appears tilted towards the opposite direction slightly.

I have seen the crescent Moon from these places, so it is a definite effect.

Sincerely, David H. Levy

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