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Name: Britney
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Grade: other
Location: NV
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What is the temperature of a comet?

Dear Britney,

Good question. Comets share the temperature of their surroundings, so generally a comet is as cold as the space around it. When a comet is far from the Sun its temperature is close to absolute zero. When it nears the Sun, its ices begin to sublimate (turn into ionized gas) as the temperature warms up a bit.

Hope this helps!


David H. Levy

Here is a lovely picture of the temperature profile of a particular comet. 1002.html

The article says the temperature of the comet varies from 260 +/-6 degrees Kelvin to 329 +/- 8 degrees Kelvin.
tells us 260 degrees Kelvin = 8 degrees Fahrenheit; and 329 degrees Kelvin = 132 degrees Fahrenehit.

I used Google Search "Comet Temperature" and came up with several interesting and revealing web pages.

Keep Curious!

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart

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