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I am interestered in Jupiter. Isn't there something important happening in December? I think that one of space probes will be close to Jupiter in December. Isn't that correct? I would appreciate having more detail for my English as a 2nd language science classes. Thanks.

You're correct! The Galileo spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Jupiter in early December. Here is what the Project Galileo Web page has to say:

"Galileo is currently enroute to Jupiter, with arrival scheduled for December 7, 1995. At that time, Galileo's atmospheric probe will plunge into Jupiter's atmosphere, relaying information on the structure and composition of the solar system's largest planet. The spacecraft's orbiter will then spend two years orbiting the giant planet, studying Jupiter and its moons, and returning a steady stream of images and scientific data."

If you have a Web browser, you can find out more (and keep up to date) by accessing URL (this is the page where I got the above quote). You may also want to check out NASA's K-12 Initiative Web page, URL You can also get information through NEWTON.

RC Winther

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