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Name: j miller
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Date: 1993 - 1999

I am a third grader and wondering how the earth could be thrown out of orbit and if it ever has had this happen?? What might the effects of this be?

To throw a planet out of its orbit would require some other large mass to go by. This other mass could be a very large comet or some small planet. There does not appear to be anything like this for millions of years. One theory says a large object hit the earth and it was responsibile for killing all of the dinosaurs. That would not have changed the orbit of the earth verymuch. The effects of that collision seem to have been clouds of dust that choked out the sunlight. Many scientists think this is what killed the dinosaurs. If theorbit of the earth changed we might have a very different climate, depending on whether we were closer or farther from the sun. There appears to be little chance for these things to occur. Good question.

Samuel P Bowen

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