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Name: joseph zielbauer
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Date: 1993 - 1999

When did people start making myths for these weird constellations

They did not understand what they were and they tried to give meaning to their world. When people do not understand something they try to make up stories to explain what is happening. Some stories emphasize why, who , and what and are useful to us in our lives. Other stories try to explain how and are only good if they can be tested. These stories are part of science and are always changing to better describe what is happening and how it is happening. Other stories can inspire us and make ourlives better and may not be testable, but may be very valuable to us. These are the kind of stories that were made about the constellations. In early Peru they had stories about the dark spots in the milky way instead of the stars.(Nasca Lines) Stories are important..

Samuel P Bowen

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