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What has a man named Hoagland proposed has been photographed on the face of mars?

I find nothing recent, but here are two abstracts supplied by the online Readers' Guide Abstracts:

TITLE: Metropolis on Mars, in Omni magazine, March '85, p. 64

ABSTRACT: Three years after the Viking photos of Mars were taken, computer scientists Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar found the image of a three-dimensional symmetrical face on Mars in two of the photos. Extending interpretation of the photos, science writer Richard Hoagland claims to have found indications of a vanished civilization on Mars. His argument is based on a group of surface features that include a "gridlike pattern of rectilinear markings" resembling those of a city. Buildings on these streets may have been designed to catch winter warmth and view the solstice. James Oberg, Mars expert and National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineer, and Harold Masursky, senior scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey and top international expert on Martian geology, both challenge Hoagland's findings. Neither of them, however, rule out the possibility of intelligent life on Mars.

TITLE: Facing up to Mars, in Discover magazine, April '85, p. 92

ABSTRACT: Yet another myth involving life on Mars has gained credence of late, due largely to the trumpeting of science writer Richard Hoagland. Photographs taken by the unmanned Viking spacecraft in the mid-seventies show a land formation that resembles a human face. Two researchers, using computer enhancement to view the image, expressed disbelief that the "face" was simply a coincidental rock formation. Hoagland seized upon the idea, suggesting that the photos reveal relics from an ancient civilization. A group of Berkeley professors, none of whom are professional astronomers, are investigating whether the face was indeed the work of an extinct Martian race. Most experts dismiss this theory as hocum, pointing out that such "faces" can be seen in many mountain formations on Earth.

You may want to look at these articles and form your own opinion.

RC Winther

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