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Name: Unknown
Status: N/A
Age: N/A
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Country: N/A
Date: 1993 - 1999

Well, lately I have been reading a lot about UFO's and that kind of stuff. I soon came upon a book called "There Is Someone Else On The Moon". My curiosity was piqued and I checked the book out from the library. I was the USA Moon program was because in photographs of the moon surface showed signs of inte lligence. And that all these signs of intelligent life had been found. But if that had happened it seemed there would have been a k much bigger deal about it than just a single book. Basically they were saying that the moon was inhabited and here where all talking about how the solar system is empty except for us, yet /\//\S/\ and all are talking about all these things on the moon that point to life. This isn't any kind of a cover-up because /\//\S/\ was free about the subject and all, but it's like no o ne cared and ignored the fact that there was life on the moon. It also would seem like we would have sent people there to see what the hell was going on....but NOO! Could someone explained to me what this is all about! Is the guy lying, is it a hoax, or has i t in recent years proved to not be true??? HELP?! Because if it is true, then we know where all those UFO's are coming from. Or maybe (I think this is a possibility) an alien race has used the moon as kind of a temporary base that they use while they are studying us. Could someone please clear this all up for me, I am really confused!!!

There is no evidence that there is some life form on the moon that is transforming energy and doing the things life does. Such books are outside of the community of serious scientists who spend their time questioning what is true. It is possible to publish a book with none being able to criticize it. The science journals are the place to see what is "really true" , ie, is agreed to by most scientists.

Sam B.

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