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QuarkNet is a program that was offered by Argonne's Division of Educational Programs. It was last offered in 2002. Please use the talks and references provided below as a reference for Physics and Partical Physics.

Talks                           Get Adobe Reader
John Campbell (ANL) Standard Model Presentation (pdf file 203 Kb)
Dave Finley (FNAL) Accelerators of the Future (pdf file 4967 Kb)
Hal Spinka (ANL) Auger See Presentation Materials box [bottom right]
        Rock-on's Taxonomy Activity (Power Point 150 Kb)
Karen Byrum (ANL) Detectors
Josh Friemann (FNAL) Cosmology (Power Point file 11,182 Kb)
Mark Adams (UIC) Special Relativity - Muon Lifetime and Time Dilation
Maury Goodman (ANL) Introduction to Neutrinos (Power Point 31 Kb)
        Neutrino Oscillation (Power Point 1070 Kb)
        Neutrino Tour (Power Point 824 Kb)

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Cosmic Ray Detectors
Cosmic Ray Detector Operation - Not Submitted
Cosmic Ray Detector Fabrication

Discovery Channel and Crewton Presentations
Z0 Experiment Crewtons - Not Submitted
Z0 Experiment Discovery Chanel - Not Submitted

Cosmic Ray Detector Experiment Crewtons - - Not Submitted
Cosmic Ray Detector Experiment Discovery Chanel - - Not Submitted

Cosmic Ray Detector spreadsheet (409 Kb) and instructions for the spreadsheet.

Photon Imaging

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